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“Seasons” is the result of an inspiring collaboration between Libero Ensemble and outstanding violinist Sarah Kapustin. 

Colourful, vibrant and immortal: Antonio Vivaldi’s Four Seasons is composed of four violin concertos played as one. The soloists are Libero’s own violinists and the performance is choreographed by Aya Misaki.

As a contrasting, Latin American equivalent, Astor Piazzolla’s Estaciones Porteñas are powerful, passionate and nostalgic. Piazzolla wanted to make it clear in his work that the seasons in South America are mirrored compared to those in Europe. This is why he quotes Vivaldi’s Spring in his Otoño, Summer in Invierno, Autumn in Primavera and Winter in Verano. With Sarah Kapustin as soloist, this will be an unforgettable concert series.


Libero Ensemble takes you on a provocative and confrontational journey from the present to a dystopian future. Dancer Aya Misaki takes the audience by the hand; she is the personification of metamorphosis (change) leading to a world dominated by artificial intelligence.

Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847) wrote his tenth string symphony when he was 13 years old. In this work we can hear the innocence of the already gifted composer, embodying the naivety of our own relationship to the current state of the world.

Philip Glass (1937) is one of the leading composers of minimalism. The Chaconne from his third symphony has a dark, mechanical bass line repeated tirelessly throughout the piece. A lonely violin plays a simple but heartbreaking melody, a last cry for humanity before we plunge into the inevitable reality of artificial intelligence, which will change our way of life for an immeasurable time.

The monumental work Metamorphoses by Richard Strauss (1864-1947) leads us into despair. Strauss collaborated with the Nazi party during World War II to protect the family of his Jewish daughter-in-law. Initially, he saw the rise of the Nazis as a promising and positive shift after the Great Depression. To his dismay, the war revealed man’s bestial cruelty. Metamorphoses is the descent of the divine into hell.