Paloma Espinosa Marín

Paloma was born in Antequera (Málaga, Spain) in 1992. She started her violin
education when she was 8 years old in her hometown, and obtained her Bachelor
Degree in Málaga Conservatorium at the age of 22. In June 2016, she finished the
Violin Performance Master in ArtEZ Conservatorium in Zwolle (The Netherlands)
with violinist Sarah Kapustin.
Along her career, she has cooperated with a great variety of orchestras, such as
NJO (Netherlands Youth Orchestra), het Orkest van het Oosten (Enschede), Het
Gelders Orkest (Arnhem), Het Britten Jeugd Strijkorkest (Zwolle), JONDE (Spain
Youth Orchestra), OJA (Andalusia Youth Orchestra), JOBA (Andalusia Youth
Baroque Orchestra), OJC (Córdoba Youth Orchestra), Promúsica Chamber
Orchestra, Malaga Youth Orchestra, Women Orchestra “Almaclara”, Chamber
Orchestra from Málaga University and OSPM (Málaga Symphonic Orchestra).
As a chamber musician, she is a founding member of Libero Strijkorkest since
2016 and the first violin of Iberus Quartet since 2015. With her string quartet, she
has received several masterclasses by great musicians as Sarah Kapustin, Karlien
Bartels or the members of “Bennewitz Quartet”. They have been performing
many times since its beginning in The Netherlands and in February 2016 they had
a successful performance with great guitar player Álvaro Pierri. Besides, in May
2016 they won the “Best off” competition from ArtEZ Conservatorium, so they
had the opportunity to play in the program NPO Radio 4 in Conzertgebouw ́s
Spiegelzaal (Amsterdam).
Nowadays, she resides and works in The Netherlands as a freelance musician.