Javier Calderari Torres

Javier was born in Guadalajara (Spain) in 1992. He started studying the violin with María del Carmen Antequera and Silvia Peralta in his home town. Later on, he continued his studies in Madrid with Alfredo García and started his Bachelor with Juan Luis Gallego in CSMA (Zaragoza, Spain), until he moved to the Netherlands to study with Sarah Kapustin in ArtEZ Conservatorium (Zwolle). He is currently doing his last year of his Bachelors degree.

Javier has always been interested in chamber music. He studied with Lydia Paniagua and the members of Quiroga String Quartet. He has also had lessons with members of the Leonor and Mannheim String Quartets, and has had masterclasses with renowned musicians such as Frederieke Saeijs, Oliver Wille, Alexandru Gavrilovici and Shinkyun Kim. He currently plays second violin in the Iberus String Quartet, which has performed throughout the Netherlands and Spain. In 2016 the quartet performed in the Concertgebouw (Amsterdam) for a live program on Radio 4.

As an orchestral player, he was a member of JORCAM (Madrid Youth Orchestra) for five years. He has also performed with NJO (Netherlands Youth Orchestra) and JOSG (Galicia Youth Orchestra) among others. He is a founding member of Libero Strijkorkest.