Esther Fernández Olalla
“Hey! I’m Esther Fernández Olalla, I was born in Madrid in 1994 and since I was 7 years old, music and the viola have been with me. 
I studied my Bachelor degree in Madrid with Thuan Dominh, and after that, I came to Rotterdam to undertake my Master studies with Karin Dolman. As I graduated my Masters in 2018, I decided to continue my life in The Netherlands; this is how I arrived at playing with Libero.

For me, playing in small ensembles is one the best experiences that a musician could have. Individually, it helps to understand and express the meaning of what the composer wants, but at the same time, it is a socialising exercise where all the individuals agree upon a project, debate ideas, try, reject or adopt them, sharing music together, knowledge, feelings and sensations: building relationships within the group that lead to the sharing of knowledge between its members.

For me, playing by heart has a special parallelism with theatre, where actors must bring their souls into the text while they are in the play, even if they have memory slips. The audience is observing, hearing, and feeling what is happening onstage, becoming witnesses of this project, of this small family that we are.”