Libero String Orchestra was created by a group of friends that all study their Master at the conservatory of Zwolle, or graduated there recently. A notable number of its members have a Spanish nationality. The orchestra is furthermore distinguished by its youthful enthusiasm and energy, high-quality level of performance, unconventional presentation and above all: its ability to play most of the music by heart (without scores or stands). Libero wants to perform by heart because it improves both the quality of playing as an ensemble and the contact between musicians and audience.
The name Libero (free) was chosen because of the international nature of the orchestra and the character of its musicians: unconstrained and audacious.
Libero String Orchestra strives to perform in many different places: traditional theatres, churches, festivals and – most of all – in unfamiliar territory. To bring classical music to places where it is heard too little or not at all. We are convinced that there is a place for classical music in modern society, almost everywhere, as long as its accessible and affordable.