Donate 1000€ “Symphony” Friend

– You will be added to our Friends List as well as be kept updated of our news via email.

-Personalised professional photo sent to your home address, thanking you personally for your support.

– VIP seats for any of our concerts, at no extra cost. (There might be limited number of VIP seats depending on the venue, so please make sure to contact with us in time to check availability!)

– Free ticket to our Anniversary Concert, of which we will inform you plenty in advance.

– Invitation for our “meet&greet” reception after our Anniversary Concert, exclusively available for the members of the Orchestra and other Special Mention Friends.

– FREE tickets to all our concerts and events. (Please claim this on in advance, so that we can make it possible).

-Your name will be on our website as a “Symphony” Friend, thanking you for your exceptional generosity.

– Private concert in the comfort of your own home, by a duo from Libero Strijkorkest (due to evident restrictions, this is only viable within the Netherlands).