Carlos Gómez Lorente

Carlos was born in Almería (Spain) in 1992. At the age of 15 years old he started taking private violin lessons. In 2010 he begin his music education with Ma Victoria Ubago Cossío at the “Real Conservatorio Profesional de Almería”.

In 2014 he began his Bachelor studies at the “Conservatorio Superior de Música de Málaga” with Santiago de la Riva and Sergio Martínez. In his 3rd year he decided to do an Erasmus in Zwolle (Holland) with Sarah Kapustin, and this extraordinary experience led to his decision to stay in Zwolle and finish his Bachelor studies there.

During his relatively short career, he has received masterclasses from professors such as Pablo Suárez Calero, Pablo Ramis Pérez, Keiko Wataya, Benzion Shamir, Jose Mo Fernández, Gonçal Comellas, Michael Thomas, Artaches Kazarian, etc.

He has also collaborated with various orchestras, such as OJA (Orquesta Joven de Andalucía), NJO (Nationaal Jeugd Orkest), OCAL (Orquesta Ciudad de Almería), WOCO (Westmister Opera Co.), where he has had the opportunity to work with conductors such as Michael Thomas, Antony Hermus, Rodrigo Tomillo, etc.

Carlos is currently pursuing his Bachelors degree at ArtEZ Conservatorium (Zwolle) with Professor Sarah Kapustin.